Speech therapists care centers

Our physical therapists, speech therapists and occupational therapists help patients of all ages heal after illness, injury or surgery. We can help you too. Many people are familiar with physical therapy after an injury.

But at IRMC, our services include so much more. Our experienced physical therapists help people who have limited physical function and offer treatments such as:. Services include:. Getting back to daily activities is the goal after any illness or injury.

Occupational therapy can make it happen. Services include hand therapy, arthritis therapy and cognitive testing and rehab. We also offer pre-drivers and back-to-work assessments. Speech therapists don't just address communication—they also assess and treat swallowing and cognitive deficits. Whether these issues are related to age, illness or injury, the team at ITT at the Human Motion Institute has you covered.

Speech therapy can address issues ranging from stuttering to social communication. Our therapists can help you make the most of assistive technology, too.

No matter what kind of rehabilitation you need, you can expect compassion and results at IRMC. Our experienced therapists are dedicated to empowering you to live the life you love. This Week in Health delivers the latest health news to your inbox every Friday. This Week in Health.Lynne Alba Speech Therapy Solutions is dedicated to providing the best, customized care and support possible concerning every aspect of speech and language pathology.

Our pediatric speech therapy is the best in Los Angeles County. About Us. In response to COVIDwe are providing telehealth services, also called, among others, teletherapy, telespeech, telepractice, teleconferencing, and tele-education depending on the service delivery modelto ensure uninterrupted care during this time.

These services will be available as long as the Safer-at-Home order is in place. We want to thank all our staff, clients, and families who are participating and made this very important transition in such a short time.

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As we continue to monitor the evolving situation related to COVID coronavirusour top priority remains the health and safety of our children, families, and staff. Thank you for understanding as the situation has been changing rapidly. We appreciate your support as we work together to ensure the health and safety of our children, families and staff. With our unique approach, customized care and support we provide quality speech therapy for every aspect of speech and language pathology.

Speech Therapy for Children. With speech therapy we can help your loved ones improve not only the coordination of their speech muscles through strengthening and coordination exercises, but the communication between brain and body with visual and auditory aids. We are a Los Angeles speech therapy clinic that places an emphasis on treating the whole patient. To help achieve this aim, we believe in including the parent, guardian, or primary caregiver in treatment.

My son was nonverbal, but through speech therapy with your wonderful and knowledgeable therapists, he has begun to speak and sing. My son was not speaking at the age of 5. We were at a different therapy group and they More. We have been coming here for about a year, and the progress I have seen in my son amazes me. He has made so much progress. There was a time when I thought he might never More.

Helping Children and Adults Communicate with the World. Who We Are Lynne Alba Speech Therapy Solutions is dedicated to providing the best, customized care and support possible concerning every aspect of speech and language pathology. About Us In response to COVIDwe are providing telehealth services, also called, among others, teletherapy, telespeech, telepractice, teleconferencing, and tele-education depending on the service delivery modelto ensure uninterrupted care during this time.

Read More. Evaluation Description More. Diagnoses We See More. Things to Consider More. Speech Therapy for Children Lynne Alba Speech Therapy Solutions specializes in providing custom speech and language therapy to children, working with families to ensure that each of our patients gets the support they need to improve their development of speech and language skills.Due to the increased community spread of COVID infection and the Governor declaring Riverhead and other surrounding communities a Yellow Zone status, Peconic Bay Medical Center has temporarily suspended all visitation at our hospital.

See the latest Visitor Policies here. Click here to contact your provider. Headquartered in Peconic Bay Medical Center's Cary Grossman Center for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, our Speech and Language Pathology Department provides diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of communication and swallowing conditions, including:.

Impaired speech and language conditions can be the result of aging, injury or illness, including respiratory compromise such as COPD Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseasevocal cord nodules or polyps, neurological disease or stroke, genetic disorders such as Down syndrome, or cancers of the head, neck or chest. Evaluation by one of Peconic Bay Medical Center's trained Speech and Language Pathologists can help identify the source of any speech or swallowing abnormality and point the way to an effective plan of treatment.

Peconic Bay's Speech Therapists offer state-of-the-art therapeutic techniques to assist patients recover language, communication and cognition skills, including patients recovering from stroke, vocal cord paralysis and tracheostomy.

A safe, effective and non-invasive therapy system based on neuromuscular electrical stimulation NMESthe program is proven to restore the swallowing function for patients with oropharyngeal dysphagia. Concerned family members and individuals suffering from speech or language impairments are encouraged to contact us for more information, advice, consultation, or referrals. Referrals are accepted from primary care physicians, family caregivers, or individuals experiencing speech or language issues.

Skip to main content. Speech and Language Pathology. Call us at Concerned family members and individuals suffering from speech or language impairments are encouraged to contact us for more information, advice, consultation, or referrals.

Speech and Language Pathology

Contact us: Contact the Peconic Bay Medical Center Speech and Language Pathology Department Call for referrals or more information about any of our speech and language programs. Medicare, Medicaid, and most insurance plans are accepted.Speech-language pathologists work with a wide range of patient populations and address impairments in cognition, speech sound production, expression, comprehension, swallowing, and voice.

Our speech-language pathologists provide rehabilitation services for patients recovering from medical events such as stroke or traumatic brain injury. We also work with individuals with neurodegenerative conditions such as dementia or Parkinson's Disease. Our licensed speech-language pathologists will perform an evaluation and work with you and your family to develop an individualized treatment plan to improve your functional communication and cognitive skills.

Pediatric speech-language pathologists work to strengthen verbal and non-verbal skills essential for effective communication across the lifespan.

speech therapists care centers

Our speech-language pathologists treat a range of diagnoses including, language delays, expressive and receptive language difficulties, articulation difficulties, stuttering, and cognitive aspects of communication. Following a comprehensive evaluation, our multidisciplinary team will create a plan of care to help your child learn and grow in a fun environment. Our program focuses on how to support families at home and help plan for future needs of your child.

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When children avoid certain foods, it may be due to texture or a tactile issue, but it may also be attributed to low tone in the mouth, a motor-planning problem or trouble with muscles in the throat responsible for safely getting food and liquid from the mouth to the stomach. A speech-language pathologist or occupational therapist with special training and experience in treating feeding or swallowing disorders can provide a treatment plan to improve your child's eating and swallowing skills, increase the amount and variety of foods that they will accept, and turn mealtime from a dreaded experience into a pleasant experience for your family.

Learn more about swallowing and feeding disorders.


Swallowing difficulty dysphagia can occur when the muscles and nerves we use to eat and swallow are affected as a result of medical or neurological issues, such as stroke, Parkinson's, dementia, cancer, etc. This may include muscles in the lips, tongue, or neck. Some swallowing problems may be obvious like drooling, coughing or choking but others may be harder to spot e. Dysphagia can also lead to further medical issues such as malnutrition, dehydration or pneumonia.

Occupational therapists or speech-language pathologist work with individuals with swallowing issues in order to assess and treat this condition. Treatment includes diet changes, exercise and muscle re-education, instruction on compensation strategies, and caregiver training, as appropriate.

We also offer VitalStim therapy, a dysphagia treatment which uses small electrical currents to stimulate and re-educate the muscles involved in swallowing. If a person shows any signs of eating or swallowing difficulty, it is important for swallowing to be tested.

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Ask your physician for a swallowing assessment. Choosing a speech-language pathologist for yourself or a loved one is an important decision that impacts recovery. Please select a speech-language pathologist from the list below to learn more about their experience and expertise:. Paula received her master's degree in Speech Pathology from the University of Washington in She primarily provides outpatient speech therapy services for adults with a variety of speech, language, and cognitive impairments.

Born and raised in Livermore, Paula is happy to be able to provide services to her community and the Tri-Valley area.

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When she is not working, Paula enjoys reading, baking, volunteering in her community, and hiking with her family. Kristy is originally from Iowa and received her bachelor's degree from the University of Iowa.In addition to restricting building access, requiring staff and clients wear masks and face shields, our staff undergo regular COVID testing and we are now offering on site testing for families and clients who are interested.

For more information on our safety protocols, click here. I want to thank you for all the wonderful work that you do!

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You and your staff are so caring with the kids and you make us feel like family. Devin has been in the social skills class for the past year and the growth that we have seen in his socialization has been tremendous, from looking people in the eye more frequently, to being able to interact with strangers, going out in public and making friends at his new school!

Cameron was diagnosed with Autism when he was 18 months old. Shortly after his diagnosis he was in attendance at the center.

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We were so fortunate and blessed to have a school that offered the services that would help our amazing warm and loving little boy.

Driven by a desire to provide families with evidence based innovative services inDr. Wiley decided to establish a private practice. Her strong work ethic, commitment to families and sharp business acumen, coupled with her expertise made the center successful from its inception. The Centers For Enriched Education are programs dedicated to providing intense language and speech stimulation to infant and toddlers who are at-risk for speech, language and communication… read more.

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Drama Kings and Queens DKQ is a program dedicated to enhancing the language and pragmatic skills of students with special needs. Our belief is that each… read more. Our program is an intense speech and language based program taught by… read more. Students participate in 6 weeks… read more.

A Few Testimonials. We are committed to delivering superior services in a nurturing and loving environment. Read More. For more information on Autism please click: What is Autism?

Some of Our Programs. Services are provided Monday through Friday from am to pm and Saturdays from am to pm. Sherman Oaks Sepulveda Blvd. Lawndale Hawthorne Blvd. We Accept the Following.But most memorable moment was the snow mobile on the glacier. The instructors where first class from start to finish. All the family came back with such big smiles on their faces. Nordic staff where very helpful and always available to answer questions no matter how trivial. Thank you for organising such a amazing holiday that will stay in our memories for a lifetime.

We have just finished our Nordic Odyssey tour of 4 Scandinavian countries via: Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Flam and Bergen. It has been the best experience: the accommodation was brilliant and all our travel connections were made so easy by Nordic Visitor.

speech therapists care centers

It meant we could enjoy exploring all these wonderful cities without the hassle of having to make the bookings. What we really appreciated was that we could and did email Cecilia from Nordic Visitor many times with questions and special requests and these were sorted out promptly and in a friendly manner.

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Speech-Language Pathology

Nordic Visitor arranged a Grand Tour of Iceland for us (a couple about 60) over 17 days in late May and early June of 2012. Then the next day we were collected again and taken to pick up our hire car, all of which went very smoothly. Nordic Visitor lent us a mobile phone, which was comforting to have but which in the event we didn't need. The car came with an excellent satellite navigation device, which we certainly did need, and used all the time. We opted for the more expensive end of the accommodation, and were very happy with the rooms Nordic Visitor secured for us.

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speech therapists care centers

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speech therapists care centers

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